The Online Health Questionnaire to determine various imbalances within your body. The online health questionnaire will take approximately 4 minutes to complete has only 60 questions and covers three aspects.

online health questionnaire

  1. Parasites
  2. Liver toxicity
  3. Environmental toxic buildup.

Keep in mind that many parasite infections can be dormant for a while, then suddenly become active and cause symptoms. Parasites go through several phases of development and can cause symptoms in different parts of the body, depending on what part of the cycle they are in. Check off all that apply to you.


There is a slight chance that you have a parasitic infection. Make an appointment now HERE to confirm

There is a high possibility that you have a parasitic infection! Make an appointment now HERE

#1 Do you frequently eat in sushi bars or salad bars; delicatessens; vegetarian; Mexican, fish, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese or Thai restaurants; fast food restaurants; or steak houses?

#2 Do you prefer fish or meat that is under cooked, i.e., rare or medium rare?


#3 Have you had intestinal problems, unexplained fever, night sweats, or an elevated white blood count during or since traveling abroad?

#4 Do you drink untested bore-hole water?

#5 Do you clean your cat’s litter box?

#6 Do you have a history of allergies?

#7 Does your pet sleep with you on the bed?

#8 Do you have pet birds?

#9 Do you use a microwave oven for cooking (as opposed to reheating) pork, fish, or beef?

#10 Have you lived with, do you currently live with, or do you frequently handle pets?

#11 Do you regularly eat unpeeled raw fruits and vegetables in salads?

#12 Do you garden or work in a yard to which cats and dogs have access?

#13 Do you prepare gefilte fish at home?

#14 Do you frequently eat hotdogs made of pork?

#15 Do you forget to wash your hands after petting or cleaning up after your animals and before eating?

#16 Have you ever been to Mozambique, Israel, China, Russia, Asia, Europe or Central or South America?

#17 Have you gotten a puppy recently?

#18 Do you enjoy raw fish dishes like sushi or sashimi, Latin American ceviche, or Dutch green herring?

#19 At home do you use the same cutting board for chicken, fish and meat as you do for vegetables?

#20 Do you have a bluish cast around your lips?


Although the following symptoms can be related to Liver toxicity, they could also be occurring as a result of other illnesses. The liver is the organ that takes the most strain because it filters all our blood and it is the organ responsible for neutralising toxins Environmental or due to normal metabolism.  So how do you know if your liver is struggling? Check off all that apply to you.


Your liver seems to be healthy, make an appointment HERE to confirm

Your liver seems to be struggling under high toxic buildup make an appointment HERE

#1 Do you have gallstones or Have you had your gallbladder removed?

#2 Are you a diabetic type 1 or have high fasting blood insulin levels (over 10)?

#3 Do you have bad breath or have a coated tongue?

#4 Look at your face (without make-up) at the area at the top of nose between the eye brows – is it a problem area? Such as – scaly or dry or greasy or spotty or discoloured (yellow or greenish) and/or itchy?

#5 Do you have a family history of liver problems that are not caused by alcohol?

#6 Do you overheat (feel excessively hot) for no reason or consistently feel too hot when others feel normal?

#7 Are you taking any prescription drugs on a daily basis, or taking drugs to lower cholesterol?

#8 Do you put on excess weight easily or have a large roll of fat around your upper abdomen – known as a liver roll or struggle to lose weight even when you try a strict diet?

#9 Do you have a particular hate or love for sour things like vinegar?

#10 Do you have pain over the right upper abdomen that radiates into the lower right rib cage area of your back and/or into the right shoulder area?

#11 Do you get discomfort and nausea after eating fatty foods?

#12 Do you have high total cholesterol and high triglycerides score or had elevated liver enzymes on a liver function test in the last 12 months?

#13 Do you have recurrent bouts of nausea or vomiting that are unexplained?

#14 Do you have trouble digesting fats and oils and feel uncomfortable after a greasy meal?

#15 Do you feel uncomfortable on the right side of your body under the rib cage or find alcohol affects you more than most?

#16 Are you taking drugs that suppress your immune system (such as cortisone or methotrexate)?

#17 Do the soles of your feet feel hot or burning or have very red palms on your hands or have indigestion and bloating after eating?

#18 Do you have multiple chemical and food sensitivities or a lot of headaches associated with nausea?

#19 Do you have big fluctuations in energy if you do not eat carbohydrates or get unpleasant symptoms (such as headaches, sweating, racing pulse and extreme fatigue) if you miss meals?

#20 Do you have acne rosacea (red flushing and pimples over the cheeks and nose)?


Although the following symptoms can be related to environmental and heavy metal toxicity, they could also be occurring as a result of other illnesses. Environmental toxins have a tendency to go to and disrupt the immune, nervous and hormonal systems. This is where a majority of signs and symptoms are found. Check off all that apply to you.


You seem to be fairly healthy and toxic buildup is low and you should do a detox at least once a year, so make an appointment HERE

You seem to be unhealthy and have a high level of toxic buildup so make an appointment HERE

#1 Do you use plug in insect repellents or roll on insect repellents?

#2 Do you regularly eat unfermented soya products?

#3 Are you a Frequent Airplane traveler?

#4 Have you spent time living or working adjacent to a highway, factory, incinerator, petrol station, power plant, or other industrial pollution source?

#5 Do you experience Shortness of breath, Muscle weakness or cramps, Unexplained chronic fatigue and Constant or frequent joint pain?

#6 Do you eat fried foods three times per week or more?

#7 Do you consume fast foods, canned or packaged foods three times a week or more?

#8 Do you ever have Unexplained rashes or skin irritations or Excessive itching, Frequent or recurring heartburn, Inability to handle caffeine or Sensitivity to medications or Sudden or unexplained Hair loss?

#9 Are you Jumpy, jittery, nervous or have Unexplained chest pains or Tachycardia (rapid heart rate over 100 beats per minute)?

#10 Do you ever feel Constant or very frequent periods of depression, Unexplained irritability, Sudden, unexplained or unsolicited anger, a Constant death wish or suicidal intent?

#11 Are you now or have you ever done Renovations to your home (new carpets; new mattress; laminate flooring etc.?

#12 Are you exposed to Hair styling products Regular hair colouring, perms, acrylic Or gel nails?

#13 Do you or your partner use chemical contraceptives?

#14 Do you regularly use air fresheners, scented candles, or other scented products at home or work?

#15 Do you use artificial sweeteners more than twice a day?

#16 Have you had root canals, tooth extractions, “silver” fillings, crowns, dental sealants, dentures, retainers, aligning trays, braces, mouth guards, dental implants, etc.?

#17 Have you been exposed to treated lumber, lead paint, paint chips or dust, broken mercury thermometers or fluorescent bulbs, or other toxic substances you know of?

#18 Do you eat red meat three times per week or more?

#19 Do you drink non organic milk three times per week or more?

#20 Do you spend time in busy traffic or run or bike to work along busy streets?


Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only and should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare provider.