The Detox-Restore-Rebuild ProgramDetox

The Detox-Restore-Rebuild Program or DRRP consists of 4 four simple steps and was developed by Dr Rocco Joubert  N.D. M.Ph.D. over his almost 31 years of practice as a Naturopath/Natural Doctor. DRRP represents the expertise that he developed over the years and is the leading edge of Natural medicine today. DRRP is a lifestyle reorientation and is holistic in nature, meaning that it takes into account your body, mind and spirit. All three in alignment brings wellbeing and health. Your only responsibility is to “follow the program” and so bring your body and mind and many times your life, back to a place of alignment with who you truly are.

Step 1: Detox and Elimination

The first step DETOX is designed to bring your body back to a place of homeostasis. Dr Rocco will give you specific herbal medicine and a nutritional guideline to help with this. He will also suggest that you avoid certain foods known to cause “allergic” reactions and the herbal medicine will help and support your body to eliminate the built-up toxins.

Step 2: Restore and Balance

The second step RESTORE is to evaluate the proceeding step and the effectiveness of the adjustments made. In the second step progress or lack thereof is immediately visible. The second step is to restore balance and harmony in the areas that still seem to be struggling. In step two foods that were avoided in step one can be reintroduced. You will quickly realise that once your body says no to something it means it.

Step 3: Rebuild and Maintain

The third step REBUILD Detoxis to aid your body to return to a more natural and healthier state of being on a consistent basis and involves the consistent use of herbal medicine and specific supplemental vitamins essential for wellbeing. You will also be taught mental techniques to help you live in a more balanced state of mind. Body and mind work together and cannot be separated so what affects the one affects the other.

Step 4: Holistic Self Integration

The fourth step is called “Holistic-Self-Integration” and DRRP would be incomplete without this final step. Our bodies respond to our thoughts and beliefs more than anything else. You cannot separate the mind from the body or the body from the mind and most of us live 95% of the time in a trans. HSI teaches you, through practical exercises, how to live consciously in more joy, gratitude and fulfilment and achieve the life of your dreams.

So what does all this mean?

Basically, it means that you will see Dr Rocco three consecutive times roughly 28 days apart. The First appointment will take about an hour, where he will take a comprehensive and detailed medical history and also look into your irises to determine the correct herbal medicine to give you. Thereafter you will see him for a follow-up appointment 28 days later, where HSI will also be introduced. The third follow-up will take place a month after that. You will then see Dr Rocco three months later to determine if you need to continue with any of the herbal medicine he suggested. Thereafter you will see him either in six months or a year later, depending on your specific situation and needs.

HSI Coaching will start from your second visit with Dr Rocco and will be conducted by Eon Joubert.