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Eon Joubert

Eon Joubert, NLP Practitioner, HSI Founder and Life coach Eon started his “training” in the charismatic church movement and was know as “die klein pastoortjie” at primary school. He completed a number of informal and...

What is HSI or Holistic Self Integration?

Holistic Self Integration helps people re-discover their authentic selves and create the lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of.  "It depends on the person I’m working with, but … This means we look at their lives holistically...

Dr Rocco Joubert

Dr Rocco Joubert N.D. M.Ph.D. Dr Rocco Joubert and has been practising as a Naturopath and Iridologist since 1988 and was named after St Rocco the healer, and he knew from a young age that...

What is the Detox-Restore-Rebuild Program?

The Detox-Restore-Rebuild Program The Detox-Restore-Rebuild Program or DRRP consists of 4 four simple steps and was developed by Dr Rocco Joubert  N.D. M.Ph.D. over his almost 31 years of practice as a Naturopath/Natural Doctor. DRRP...

The 7 WARNING SIGNS of toxic overload you never ignore



Scientist categorise Earth as a toxic planet

The World Health Organization estimates that 7 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution alone. Many of these mortalities are attributable to indoor air pollution. Worldwide more deaths per year are linked to air pollution than to auto

mobile accidents…

The 3 BIGGEST Challenges

1.Food, Water, Air  Humans emit more than 250 billion tonnes of chemical substances a year, in a toxic avalanche that is harming people and life everywhere on the planet.

2. Medications  In total, 443,900 deaths from prescription medication were reported to one of the US’s poison centres, with analgesics—or pain-killers—being the deadliest poison, responsible for 11 percent of all deaths reported. Sedatives and antidepressants were the fifth and sixth major killers respectively.

3. Endocrine disrupting

chemicals “The diverse systems affected by endocrine-disrupting chemicals likely include all hormonal systems and range from those controlling development and function of reproductive organs to the tissues and organs regulating metabolism and satiety. “Effects on these systems can lead to obesity, infertility or reduced fertility, learning and memory difficulties, adult-onset diabetes or cardiovascular disease, as well as a variety of other diseases.”

The 7 Danger signs of toxic overload.

Are you experiencing any of the following

  1. Congested sinuses
  2. Overheating
  3. Leg cramps or frequent pain in joints
  4. Unexplained chronic fatigue
  5. Skin Problems
  6. Insomnia
  7. Frequent Headaches or Brain Fog

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